Monday, July 12, 2010

I've been AWOL, but I'm still here and everything is OK

I'm still here, but my mind has been a little distracted lately.  Meals have been a little more functional than usual, and tonight we had take-out.  Not a lot worth sharing!

From mid-August I'll be featuring a "cooking for one" series, as I transition to my new home-to-be in Melbourne, and wait for my lovely man to join me 2 months later.  In the meantime, I will attempt to resume normal service.  My apologies for the interruption.


  1. Ah, cooking for one. I'm real good at this! :)

  2. A book you might be interested in when cooking for one is: Table for one (

  3. Sorry Kerryn! The last few weeks have been a shambles of stripping wallpaper and painting in a rush to get the house on the market, and I have managed to add planning a second wedding to my to-do list this week (mine, that is - I already had yours to do!)
    Cooking has been purely functional, and revolves around things that are quick, and use up things in the pantry that I can't take with me!!! Doesn't make for interesting reading, even if I had time to photograph and write up!
    Need to use up the two dozen frozen bananas I found this week though, so stay tuned - I might make banana cake or something for you!

  4. Alphamatrix - don't suppose you fancy doing a couple of guest spots to keep Kerryn happy?? You could give me a few pointers on cooking for one!

  5. Ooh - can do!
    Of course, you just missed my fabulous gluten-free, dairy-free reisling cake from last night!

  6. Reisling cake = ahhhhhmazing. Omnomnom