Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who are you?

I know you don't normally use the Comments box, and prefer to lurk in the dark corners - but just this once I'm going to ask you, as a special favour to me, to say hi and introduce yourself!

I don't need your bank account number, and I don't even mind if you want to use a pseudonym (heck, I have done until today!) but I'm curious, and often wonder who is out there reading this.  The clever machine that is Google Analytics tells me that I've had 54 unique visitors in the past month.  Gut feel tells me that 40-50 of you are robots, but I'm keen to hear about the 4 real people!!

So.. who are you?  Do you know me?  How did you find your way here?  And most importantly, is there anything you'd like me to cook for you?  I love a challenge!

I'll kick off: 
My name's Janette, I live in New Zealand, and I've known me my whole life.
I work full-time in a small town in New Zealand, which is the most beautiful place in the world.  I love cooking and gardening.

My favourite foods involve simple methods and clean flavours.. but I like to try something different and/or difficult when the mood strikes.  I tend to get stuck in themes for months on end, where I cook with rice a lot, or have to have lemon in everything (until I get told to stop, usually), or slow-cook every day, and then completely forget about the ingredient or recipe I was so obsessed with until someone mentions it years later.  My mother cooked dinner for me when I visited a few weeks ago:
  Mum: "I'm making your chicken schnitzel recipe"
  Me: (blank look) "I have a chicken schnitzel recipe?"
  Mum: "You know, with lemon and mushrooms - you used to make it all the time"
  Me: (blank look) "are you sure that was me?" 
Turns out it was me, and I love that recipe, but haven't given it a thought in at least two years.  It's delicious - I'll make it for you soon!

This blog is my way of keeping track of my favourite things, so that I don't forget!  Thank you for sharing it with me! 


  1. I'm unique! And I've known you my whole life - even the parts I can't remember :)

  2. You know me also, I came before the one above but after you. You're my favourite cook next to my Mum. I live in Portland, Oregon and I miss my small town in New Zealand so I read your recipes and imagine we're all having dinner at the farm x

  3. I'm a chronic lurker but thought I would say hello because I like your approach to cooking and find your blog a good source of inspiration. I work, snowboard and hike with Nicola and heard about your blog through her. I gave your brussel sprouts a go last weekend - tasty :)

  4. Hi Meg! Welcome!
    Thank you for saying hi, and thank you for liking brussels sprouts! There are not many of us!

    And kia ora to my lovely sisters. You rock.

    As for the rest of you... if you come out and say hello I'll cook what you want, instead of what I want like I usually do... Is that tempting at all? It was supposed to be!

  5. Well unfortunately for you you are related to me. You can thank your sister Kerryn for her Facebook posts that I stalk your site on occasion! I am so going to give the porridge a go, I was just wondering the other day how to make it. I've always wanted to try beef wellington - got a recipe for that lying around?!

    Emma :-)

  6. I guess that's a good thing about having a big family right? instant fan base.

  7. Well you have known me since I was about 10. I think thats right. Thank you for the advice about the pasta. I Have just read abit more of your web page and look foward to reading more and also trying the recipes. Keep them coming. :)