Monday, June 14, 2010

5 kinds of non-dairy ravioli filling

For Kerryn:
  1. Chicken (just shredded coooked chicken breast).  Add egg or pesto for texture, or a little stock for moisture.
  2. Pumpkin or squash.  Mash and add garlic and a pinch of nutmeg.  
  3. Sundried tomato, finely sliced, with pine nuts - add shredded beef for a little extra.
  4. Make a soft stuffing mix with breadcrumbs, lemon zest, pine nuts, chopped herbs and stock or oil.  Make sure it's nice and moist.
  5. Slow-cooked lamb or ox-tail with a bit of veg and LOTS of stock.  Chill it to make the liquid set or gel, so it doesn't make a mess, then wait for it to melt in your mouth once cooked.  I've been dreaming about this one for weeks, and have just about got it right.  Think of good Chinese dumplings, and the way the stock pours out when you pierce them.
And.. because I can't resist a challenge.. here: 


Filling number 2 in spinach pasta.  Next time I'll puree the spinach a little more. 


  1. now you'll just have to buy me a pasta maker! awesome :)

  2. Hi Janette,

    Wow I'm impressed - I didn't realise you were so talented and you even succeed in making it look good in photos! Now if you could just tell me how to make home made gluten-free ravioli that tastes as good as the stuff with durum wheat you'd probably make a fortune! Anne E-K

  3. Man the stuffing-like ravioli sounds great, I LOVE stuffing! That's going on my must-try list.

  4. OK, I have to add to the list. Place a (defrosted, de-shelled, and deveined) raw prawn on your sheet of pasta. Add a dollop of pureed baby peas, then a squeeze of lemon. DIVINE.