Sunday, April 21, 2013

Veggie patch update - summer

I have been a little slack with updates.  Since my last two posts, the inside of my Weber Q has gotten very dirty, and my garden has grown, been harvested, and planted again!

While I was away doing other stuff and forgetting to keep you in the loop, this happened:


The other gardens in the Pop-up Patch grew too.  Our boxes of dirt have evolved to a small urban jungle.  Each patch is different, some with flowers amongst the vegetables, some filled with salad greens, others with herbs:


With a bit more space on our new balcony - and no 28th-floor "breeze" to contend with - I've been able to grow a few things at home to supplement our summer BBQ-and-salad diet.  Lots of mint, for mojitos, and salad greens, and a few veggies (beans, eggplant):

IMG_3540   IMG_3547

Eventually (with a little staking and tying back) the tomatoes formed a canopy, and provided shade for basil and lettuce underneath.  I went home each weekend with a belly full of tacos (the taco truck parked at the garden every Sunday over summer) and bag full of vine ripened cherry tomatoes.  All was well.



The garden is staffed, and I have a little white flag in my patch which is code for "I surrender, please help me to water this" - so it is well cared for during the week.  Just as well, as it was a hot summer!

By early March, the weather was starting to turn.  After the last few warm weeks, I gave up and cleared the garden for autumn.  The tomatoes had started to look tired, and had finally slowed down in terms of fruit production.  I made approximately 40 tonnes of basil pesto (actually, about two litres, then I stopped - but I had enough basil to keep going!) and we had cherry tomato pasta sauce almost every night for a week to finish the last of it.

Next post: what I've planted for autumn!

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