Sunday, July 7, 2013

1. Truffled eggs

This is probably my favourite way to use truffles because it costs nothing!  Free truffles!
Okay, you still have to buy a truffle, but this is a bonus use that doesn't require you to cut or grate or shave the truffle, unless you are really greedy (like me)...


Take your fresh truffle, and put it in a big enough jar to hold the truffle plus a few (whole) eggs.  
This one is an Otway truffle, from Apollo Bay, VIC. These beauties are grown by chef Steve Earl (who cooked for us at the Georgie's Harvest dinner during this year's Melbourne Food & Wine festival - Jason posted a photo summary of this awesome night here).. and we will be back to buy more from Georgie this season!


I left the wood straw in the jar, as it smelled like truffles!


Simply pop the lid on, and store in the fridge overnight - or until you are ready to use the truffle (at least 3 hours).
Remove the eggs and use them as you please.  They will have been infused with truffle through the shells, and taste amazing.  I love them poached on toast with butter and a sprinlle of salt.  And I usually can't resist shaving a little extra truffle on top.

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