Sunday, May 16, 2010

Muffin cases

I'm in love with a local kitchenware store called Table Pride.  By local, I mean within an hour of here (we are a little short of shops closer than that!) - plus they have a website, so stuff just turns up on my doorstep and I don't even have to leave the house.
If you find yourself in Tauranga, pop in to Devonport Road and have a look.  You'll find all sorts of handy items, including muffin cases:
Thanks to those of you who thought I was creative enough to have made these myself (and I do like that they're rough and homemade-looking), but I bought them..  They come in a tall stack, and fit perfectly into muffin cases.  And you could probably make them with squares of greased cooking paper, but you could also cheat like I did.  And after all, I don't think you can buy brown baking paper.
No need to grease the muffin pan (or give it more than a quick wipe-down afterward), and if you're serving a crowd, these keep the crumbs contained and the buttery goodnness off your fingers!

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