Sunday, December 12, 2010


It must be almost Christmas, I baked gingerbread trees today! Successful first attempt at baking in the new oven.

Looking forward to spaghetti marinara for dinner, with fresh scallops and calamari from the markets today.

..but you've seen both of these before!! I've been cooking a lot of old favorites while I dial in to the new kitchen, as this seems the most reliable way of finding differences. Summer will be a challenge to create new meals which don't generate too much heat (I hate a hot kitchen in summer), but which don't require the BBQ or pizza oven, as both are in storage for the duration of our inner-city tenancy (no gas bottles allowed!)

Have also recently decided that risotto season is over until sometime next year when the temperature drops again. There is no way I'm standing over a pot of risotto in 30C!!

I still have notes on my obsession with risotto (which is pretty much all I've cooked for months) to share with you.. Watch this space! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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