Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cherry Tomato Sauce

I love this for a quick tomato sauce that is packed with flavour.  Add to pasta or gnocchi as a main or a side dish - no additional flavour required.

Fresh roast tomato sauce

Best made with sweet, flavourful cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, or baby roma tomatoes (in that order).  Use the smallest, darkest, reddest tomatoes you can find!
I use a punnet of cherry tomatoes for one to two people.

First, slice each tomato in half, and give it a quick squeeze over the sink to get rid of most of the seeds.  The seeds are watery, and can be bitter, so I prefer to ditch them - but be careful or you'll squirt yourself in the eye when you do this!  (I've also managed to squirt the wall on the opposite side of the kitchen).

Throw into a hot pan with a dash of oil, and keep them moving until they start to brown just a little.


This is me being to lazy to stir (and then have to wash th espoon).  Feel free to use a spoon or spatula if you prefer!

Now, dial the temperature back to medium-low, and let them stick to the pan a bit.  Be patient, try not to stir compulsively, and they'll caramelise a little underneath.  You want them to go from looking like this:

Fresh tomato sauce

To this:

Fresh roast tomato sauce

Once they look like this, add a knob of butter (compulsory), and a splash of balsamic (optional).  Stir to coat, and then let them simmer for another couple of minutes.

Add to your favourite pasta (preferably fresh) or gnocchi.  Delicious.

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