Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Requests! Dessert Burger

When I asked for requests, I never imagined it would be something like this.  Meg, thank you for making my brain hurt - I have never even considered dessert burgers as a food option, so this put me firmly outside my comfort zone!  (I don't even flinch at dessert pizza though - must remember to share that one at a later date!)

One question played on my mind for some time: what defines a burger?  I decided, on my own authority, that it had to be stuff in a bun.  Preferably layers of stuff, and preferably a bread-based bun.
The other thing that leapt to mind was size.  If this burger was going to be dessert, it couldn't be full-size.  I like my desserts small, and of course sweet.

With those important points out of the way, the rest materialised pretty quickly:  this is my S'more Slider.


I made small, soft, sweet bread rolls (a cinnamon tea cake recipe, these are about 20g each - or two mouthfuls) and added a dark chocolate ganache "pattie", toasted marshmallows, and jam (a burger needs sauce!)

..and I have to say, it was delicious!

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  1. That is awesome. Go Jan! :) While the exercise wasn't high class gourmet by any means, I had fun doing mine. I'm currently on holiday but will post a link to my Black Forest dessert burger when I get back to a proper computer. Unless Nicola beats me to it (hint Nicola - the one from my FB).