Sunday, March 25, 2012

Introducing: Tadpole

Just like Joey from Friends, Alphamatrix now has her own show!  My sister has been fantastic over the past year and a half, posting when I've been too busy with work and the drama of moving countries, and keeping Bored Goldfish up and running.  
I'm now ready to pick up the reins again, and want to make a few changes to the focus of the site - so we discussed some time ago having Alphamatrix start her own "sister" site.  We jokingly nicknamed it Tadpole - and the name has stuck!
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I've been thinking for some time about the direction I want this blog to take.  I know I have been pretty slack at posting over the past two years - this is largely due to my moving countries and taking on a job which demands a lot more of my time, but also because I'd lost a bit of my early enthusiasm and direction.  So, expect to see a few changes on the site.  I'm switching to a dynamic layout to make photos more of a feature, and will try to work in "themes" more - like the bread posts I've made in recent weeks.  I'd like to keep meeting any requests you have, so leave comments and I'll work my way through them.
I'll also be doing a bit of a "clean out", removing some of my early posts with grainy photos (I'll aim to re-shoot these in the near future) - and removing Alphamatrix's posts as these have moved across to "One Tadpole". 

Thanks for sticking with me over the past two and a half years :) 

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