Sunday, April 8, 2012

Brioche is just bread with eggs in it

...and a little butter, too.


We went out for lunch last week, and ordered a couple of fabulous salads which we enjoyed a great deal.  Unfortunately, the man at the table next to us had a burger, on a toasted brioche bun, with fries that smelled amazing.
When I asked Jason what he wanted for dinner the next day, it was no surprise that he requested burgers.  With brioche.


You know the bread ratio by now.  5  parts flour, three parts liquid.  Well, here we just substitute some of our "liquid" ratio with eggs.
For a 2-cup flour recipe, I add one egg plus an extra yolk (freeze the whites and then defrost to add to an omelette later if you don't need them straight away), and reduce the water or milk accordingly.  I also add about 50g of softened butter.


The resulting dough is soft, airy, and a dream to knead.  After the dough rises you can see large, long air pockets (rather than th esmaller bubbles you normally see).


The finished bread is rich, slightly yellow in colour, and toasts to a beautiful golden colour (I didn't toast this as it was just so fresh!)


Load up with your favourite fillings (hummus, chicken thighs, bacon, avocado...)


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