Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gourmet burgers - the fast way

I work full-time.  Like most people I know, I don't have a lot of time to cook - but I still insist on eating well.  I've learned a few tricks, and have a few nice quick meals up my sleeve, which I try to share here.
I also live in the middle of nowhere, so we are lacking in options for take-out.  If I want a decent burger, I make it myself (the other options being fish & chip shops, or McDs).

This is nothing fancy.. and certainly nothing healthy.. but it is easy and delicious.  And officially the easiest way to crumb chicken (or fish) - no more messing about with flour and egg.

Take boneless thigh fillets, and trim skin and visible fat.  Use a sharp knife to cut part-way through any thick parts (to help cook evenly).
Now, use a butter knife to spread creme fraiche over the surface of the chicken.  (Remind me why I trimmed the fat earlier??)   
Today's Food Safety tip: to avoid contaminating your tub of creme fraiche, put a couple of tablespoons into a ramekin, and spread onto the chicken from there!  You don't want to be double-dipping that knife when it's been all over the raw chicken.
Now, take your chicken and dredge in breadcrumbs to cover.  Pat lightly to make 'em stick.
Cook everything outside on the BBQ hotplate.  I've said it before.  It's too hot to cook indoors in February.
The fillets will brown up beautifully, and don't need more than a quick spray of oil, as the creme fraiche melts right into the crumb and does everything for you, just like self-saucing pudding.
Now just partner with your favourite burger fillings.  You can't go wrong with bacon, camembert, and tomato relish.. unless you're counting calories.. in which case you should have steered clear of the creme fraiche in the first place.
Look! It's almost as tall as a McDonalds burger photo!  Tastes very different, though!

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