Sunday, February 14, 2010

More potatoes

I dug the last of the potatoes on Friday night - and they were in the pot within about 20 minutes!  Nothing beats freshly dug spuds.
These are Maori heirloom varieties Urenika (or tutae kuri) and Kowiniwini (also creatively named purple-and-cream!), and both taste fantastic!  Our local farmers market often has both varieties, and the friendly stallholder is usually more than happy for me to pick out the small ones (I love the 'bite') which others avoid!  I buy them every time I see them, and when the last couple decided to sprout last year, I decided it was time to grow my own!
I used the same technique as for my Jersey Bennes, with one potato per bag.  This lovely pile of spuds started out as just three.

Unlike anything I've seen before, Urenika is purple the whole way through (!), and holds its colour when cooked.

I imagine this might be a good option for fussy children: mashed, these look like Play-Doh!

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  1. They have Urenika at the organic's store in Wellington - awesome to give roast veges some colour! (and unlike beetroot, they don't stain!)