Thursday, June 28, 2012

My favourite things: Georgie's Garlic


There is a stall* at the South Melbourne Market which has a fantastic range of potatoes and other root vegetables (onions, heirloom carrots...)   The staff are always friendly, and more than happy to offer advice on which kind of potato you need for the purpose you have in mind!
But my favourite thing is the garlic.  They peel off the outer layers so that you can see exactly what you are buying - big cloves, small cloves, or a bit of a mix - instead of waiting til you get home and finding it's the opposite of what you hoped for.  Such a simple thing to do, but it makes me smile every week.

*  OK, I looked it up because I know you can't just read my mind.  It's Georgie's Harvest Potatoes & Herbs, Stall 50 - you would find it outside, on Coventry Street, if you were so inclined.


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